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1. Intro
2. Getting Started
3. Farming Circuit

1. Intro
The purpose of this guide is to help you collect a handful of mats that will basically amount to some free experience once you create your death knight. Jame has stated that these mats will be included in his guide, and while they will not save you tons of time, farming them up in advance will save you a few hours. Free experience never hurts.

This guide is targeted mainly at people who either dont have the money to purchase the mats off the auction house, or who wish to save their money for other things, for example their level 80 flying mount. Because hardly anyone is picking up the lower level crafting mats, they can be quite expensive on the auction house. If you follow my guide, you will collect everything you need in the most efficient manner possible, and should end up with some extra gold and other goodies to boot.

The guide is kind of thrown together I know, but it will be useless in another few weeks so id like to get it out there as soon as possible in the hopes that I will be able to help at least a couple people out I should also mention that this is my first guide, so forgive me if it’s not the greatest. The guide is also fairly alliance centric, but should work decently for the horde as well.

You can find James’ shopping list here:

2. Getting Started
Start off by clearing as much bagspace as you can. I’ve tried to pick farming locations that are as close as possible to vendors, but the less often you have to sell the quicker you will be done. I also like to farm in instances wherever possible, since there will be less competition and, on pvp servers, less chance of the opposite faction harassing you. There’s the added nostalgia factor too – I always enjoy visiting old instances that I haven’t seen in a while

Depending on your class or personal preference, you may want to avoid instances completely. Check out Øffelbøv’s comment below for an alternate list of farming locations.

tip: Create an alt using the name you eventually hope to use for your death knight. Run it to the nearest capital city and send it a gold or two for mailing money. Mail your stacks of cloth and argent turn ins to this alt as needed and when the time comes just bounce the mats back to your main. Doing this means you have a placeholder for your name of choice, and it will save you trips to the bank.

3. Farming Circuit
3.1 Terokkar Forest – Dampscale Basilisk Eye
Most people probably have their hearthstone’s set to Shattrath so it’s a logical place to start. Head east to the forest and start farming just south of Tuurem. Work your way south to Allerian stronghold, then north east along the river and finally back up to Tuurem, moving in a zig-zag pattern to cover as much ground as possible. It shouldn’t take long to collect 8 eyes. Once you have all 8 head back to Shattrath and portal to either Stormwind or Undercity.

[Death Knight] shopping list - Farming Guide - Wow pro (1)
Zig-zag pathing is commonly used when farming to cover ground as efficiently as possible.

3.2 Stockades – Wool Cloth
The stockades is a great place to farm wool, the fact that its in a major city makes it even better, provided you are alliance. Options for the horde are somewhat less lucrative – I would recommend visiting Shadowfang Keep as it’s close to a vendor and is also very close to the next zone we’ll be visiting . You should average at least 2 stacks of wool per stocks run, meaning 7 full clears should do the trick. You may prefer to clear only the center and left sections if you are aoe’ing as the mobs on the right side have a knockdown that can slow your runs down. Sell at the enchanting shop just outside the instance entrance as needed, and mail those stacks of cloth at the mailbox by the bank.

3.3 Scarlet Monastery – Silk Cloth
Head up to tirisfal and hit the scarlet monastery. I personally have had the best luck with the library and armory although theres not a whole lot of difference between them. At level 60 i definitely would have recommend avoiding the cathedral as the healing mobs in there can slow you down, but any of the instances should be relatively quick. The horde has the advantage here of being close to the Undercity. Chillwind point is a decent place to sell and mail for the alliance should you need it, but I would recommend having as much open space as possible and getting your 14 stacks in one fell swoop.

3.4 Scholomance or Stratholme – Runecloth, Bone Fragments and Crypt Fiend Parts
Three birds with one stone! Head east to the instance of your choosing. Strat is probably better especially for the horde since it is close to lights hope and requires no key to get in, although both will work equally well – pick whichever one you enjoy running more. It shouldn’t take more than a couple runs to get yourself a few stacks of cloth and 30 of each of the argent drops.

tip: leave as soon as you have 30 of each of the argent drops. Don’t worry if you’re still short on runecloth at this point, you will definitely have enough by the time you finish running…

3.5 BRD or BRS – Runecloth and Dark Iron Scraps
Both instances are a bit out of the way, but both will allow you to collect the scraps very quickly as well as finish off your runecloth. You may prefer to hunt dwarves in the searing gorge or orcs in the burning steppes. There’s the neutral thorium brotherhood vendor in the searing gorge and the faction specific vendors in the steppes, but again if you can clear some bag space and get it done without having to sell you will save yourself a lot of time.

Once youre done travel to Kalimdor and head down to Tanaris.

3.6 Dunemaul Ogres – Mageweave
There’s a lot of options when it comes to mageweave farming locations. I chose the dunemaul ogres in south western tanaris for a few reasons – it’s close to the the next zone we’re hitting, the ogres and bunched into nice aoe-able groups and they don’t flee when close to dieing, meaning you can cut through them pretty fast. The area should be nice and quiet, so kill em all as fast as you can, selling and mailing at Gadgetzan as needed. Once you have your 14 stacks fly to…

3.7 Ungoro Crater – Core of Elements and Savage Frond
When naxx was first released I spent quite a bit of time farming the blood petals in ungoro since they dropped both core of elements and savage fronds. Unfortunately this is no longer the case, but you can still pick up core of elements from the fire elementals on the volcano. The best place to farm blood petals is north east of the volcano. Start just north of the volcano. Head north east, moving in a zig-zag pattern to cover as much ground as possible. Head south along the zone’s edge then west along the river in the same pattern. Once you’ve cleared the area loop back to the volcano and clear it of fire elementals. Rinse and repeat until you have 30 savage fronds and core of elements.

[Death Knight] shopping list - Farming Guide - Wow pro (2)
Use the same zig-zag pathing that you used in Terokkar.
When clearing the volcano watch for the near vertical lava rivers on the north side – you can actually run right up them.

Alternatively you can pay Dire Maul West a visit, it is swarming with both plants and elementals (thanks pseup!)

And you’re finished! You just saved yourself a decent pile of gold, and hopefully made some pocket change while you were at it. You’re one step ahead of the game in getting your death knight up to level 80.

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