A Comprehensive IKEA Latex Mattress Review – Counting Sheep Sleep Research (2023)

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IKEA Concept

IKEA Latex Mattresses

IKEA’s broad range of home products covers anything that you can think of, and as their range of articles was growing, they even incorporated mattresses in their offer. Since IKEA is not a brand that does things halfway, their offer of beds does not lack behind some of the well-known bedding manufacturers, and they do a decent job in following the new trends and innovations in the mattress industry. Hence, the subject of today’s review is the IKEA’s line of beds made of currently most popular material in bedding, latex.

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IKEA Concept

The widely famous brand was born in Sweden in 1943. when Ingvar Kamprad launched his mail-order business, and soon after started doing furniture, the rest was history. IKEA began spreading across Europe during the ‘70s, and their first store in the US was opened in 1985., currently, IKEA has stores in 52 countries all over the globe, and every year they open a few new ones. So what is the story behind the company’s tremendous success?

The brand has a very specific business politics, genuinely placing the needs and satisfaction of customers as their priority. It is not just about low prices; it is about the whole packaging and experience of shopping at IKEA.

Each one of their products is designed with the needs of their customers on the mind, so that it is functional, that it compliments each home and enhances everyday life, with a price tag which is affordable to the vast majority. IKEA nurtures genuine values, family and home, and it wants to help their customers to create a specific lifestyle, available to many,

A particular part of IKEA’s branding is the way they name their products. Everything you can see in their stores has a Swedish name tag on it, and this idea came from the brand founder itself. Having fun while trying to read and pronounce some of the names is the mandatory part of every visit to IKEA, and while customers struggle with unusual names, those names were introduced to simplify IKEA’s massive inventory. Those names create a unique internal logic which also tells us a lot about Scandinavian culture. The company even has a team of people with a task to find perfect Swedish words for their products, and everything is done with a sense, for example, all rugs are named after towns in Denmark and Sweden, outdoor furniture after islands in Scandinavia, beds, sheets, etc. after plants and flowers, and so on.

IKEA Latex Mattresses

Besides hybrid, spring, and foam beds, IKEA offers three latex models called Matrand, Myrbacka, and Mausund.

Some of them come in a box, and there will probably be a bit of off-gassing once the bed is removed out of the box, but the smell is not harmful in any way, and you can fasten its vaporizing by vacuuming or airing the mattress. Since these beds are rolled and compressed in a box, they need some time, usually up to 72 hours to regain their full shape after unboxing. IKEA does not advise sleepers not to use them immediately, but they suggest their customers to wait for the mattress to settle, but also to give themselves some time to adapt to a new bed because the body needs some time to get used to it.

For the beds that do not come in a box, there is always the struggle with transportation, and IKEA does not offer free shipping, so customers should be aware of that.

Mattresses are meant to be used for years; hence we do not change them so often, but the mattress industry is developing non-stop so you might be surprised to see what has changed since your last mattress purchase was made. Since our body tends to get used to bed and its features, it can be a challenge to get used to a new sleeping surface, which is why it is vital to sleep at least a month on it to be able to give an objective opinion.

IKEA is known for their affordable products, and their latex models are no exception when it comes to price, but since the latex beds are usually very expensive, IKEA’s cheapest entry model starts with the price of $200 which is still reasonably cheap for latex. IKEA’s finest latex model costs a bit more than $1000, which is a pretty low price for a natural latex bed. These beds are a perfect choice for everyone who wants to try out a latex mattress for the first time, and to see will it work, they are also great for kids, or guest rooms.

A possible drawback could be the fact that they all are available only in the medium firm, but since that is the universal firmness that suits the needs of the majority, we could say that IKEA played it safe here.

IKEA backs up their latex beds with an incredible 25 years of warranty and even 365 nights of sleep trial period, which is exceptional considering their low price and the fact that IKEA is not a mattress-only brand. Most mattress manufacturers with much higher rates offer a standard 10-year warranty, and around 30 to 100 nights of sleep trial, so you can immediately see what IKEA tried to do here offering better terms for customers. There is a mandatory trial period of 30 nights before starting the return process, but that is standard. The warranty is, off course, a limited one, and it covers mostly defects in workmanship and material of the bed core.

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For their synthetic latex, IKEA uses Dunlop, which is a process similar to Talalay, only cheaper, and it produces material which is firmer and “greener.” Natural latex is used only in one of their beds, the Mausand.

IKEA’s current offer of latex beds is not as big or complex as their offer of memory foam beds, for example. They offer only three models, with no specific collections, or firmness varieties, their construction is simple, and you can only differentiate them either by their price or latex type.

Matrand Latex Mattress

IKEA’s most affordable latex model comes with a simple two-layer construction: dense polyfoam was used for a 5 inches thick base layer which creates a sturdy and supportive ground for the top layer of synthetic latex which is 2 inches thick. The top coat of comfortable latex is contouring and conforming; it gently cradles sleepers body curves, shoulders, and hips, while relieving the pressure. Sleepers will be able to rest and sleep relatively cool since latex does not cause overheating.

Sleepers who are light or average weight will enjoy the medium level of firmness and support, while for the overweight sleepers that will probably be not enough. The bed also has a pretty decent level of motion isolation, which is why we recommend it to couples and pet owners who do not want their sleep to be disrupted. Those who prefer sleeping on their back or stomach will enjoy the beds’ medium firmness, while side sleepers might need something softer to cradle their shoulders and hips.

This model works great when placed on slats or any type of adjustable foundation, and it comes in four different sizes and only one, medium firm option. Some sleepers claim that it feels a bit too firm at first, but that is normal considering that we are making the transition from our old mattress which is usually worn out and not so firm as it was, to a newer and firmer sleep surface. That is another reason why is recommended to try the bed for at least 30 nights before deciding whether to keep it or return it since our body needs some time to get used to the new surface. Maintenance is something you should not worry too much about since the cover fabric can be removed and washed in a machine on a normal cycle, but it should not be dry cleaned, tumble dried, ironed or bleached.

There is also a version of Matrand bed which is made of memory foam, but in comparison to that, the latex Matrand offers more bounce, responsiveness, and it also sleeps cooler because latex is not as heat conductive as memory foam. Matrand latex comes rolled-up in a box too, so it easy to transport it and place it anywhere in the house, but there are no unpleasant smells or off-gassing.

Great for:

  • Sleepers who are looking for the comfort of memory foam, but without its usual drawbacks such as overheating
  • Value seekers
  • Customers who are looking for a bed with no odor or off-gassing
  • Sleepers who tend to sleep hot

Not the best for:

  • Overweight sleepers
  • Sleepers who are prone to allergies because synthetic latex can cause them issues
  • Side sleepers

Myrbacka Latex Mattress

A bit more expensive than Matrand is IKEA’s next synthetic latex bed called Myrbacka, which also features only two layers in its 9.5 inches thick construction, which is significantly thicker than most of the IKEA’s budget-friendly mattresses.

For the base, they choose 6.5 inches high layer of very resilient cold polyfoam, which makes this model reliable and durable. The supportive base helps with even distribution of sleepers weight and targets any specific pressure points. Above it is 3 inches thick coat of synthetic latex which comes from a low-cost Dunlop process and a layer of lamb wool for extra coziness and comfort. The cover is removable and suitable for machine washing; however, it is not recommended to tumble dry it or iron it.

Dunlop process is one of the two main ways to produce latex foam, and it relays on vulcanization during which the liquid latex is poured into molds, and it goes on a conveyor belt and later in the vulcanization oven until it is finally transformed into a more solid and harder substance. Once the foam is removed from the molds, it is thoroughly washed and dried at high temperature. Latex produced through this process is firmer, and it has more bounce than the standard latex.

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Like our previous model, Myrbacka does not come in all standard sizes; it comes in three sizes and one medium firm setting which can be perceived as firm at first before the body gets used to the feel of a new bed. However, sleepers who weigh above the average will probably experience some sinking in after a while, which is why this bed is suitable mainly for sleepers with average weight or for lightweight ones who prefer firm mattresses. Comfortable latex layer does a great job in targeting pressure points in knees, hips, and shoulders, and enables a proper spinal alignment for back sleepers.

Unlike the other foam beds from IKEA, Myrbacka does not come rolled in a box, which may complicate the whole process of shopping and transportation, but on the other hand, it will be ready to use since there is no need to wait a few days for it to regain its full shape.

Myrbacka is also available in a memory foam construction, which is just like latex considered to be a high-end material in the mattress industry, thanks to IKEA they are available to a broad range of sleepers on a budget.

Great for:

  • Back sleepers and those with acute or chronic back pain who look for more spinal support
  • Sleepers who tend to sleep hot
  • People with an average weight

Not the best for:

  • Side sleepers
  • People who have sensitive skin or are allergy prone
  • Overweight sleepers

Mausund Latex Mattress

This is IKEA’s latest addition to their latex line and also their only bed in which they incorporated natural latex since it is made from 85% of natural latex, and 15% of a synthetic one. So, although IKEA advertises this bed as “natural latex” that is not 100% true. The reason behind this latex blend is purely financial since mattresses that are entirely made of natural latex have a price which may be too much for most of IKEA’s customers, but despite that, this bed comes with a slightly higher price point which seems reasonable when compared to the other manufacturers.

Even though it is not made entirely from natural latex, in comparison to the other two latex beds, sleepers can notice the difference and improvement in terms of comfort, contouring, and durability. Mausund has an almost 8 inches high profile and combines natural fabrics such as cotton and wool to enhance the airflow through the mattress. The cover is made from cotton coming from sustainable sources, which means that it is recycled or grown with less water, pesticides, and fertilizers. Around 50% of the weight of this model comes from renewable materials.

This bed is available in four sizes, and the medium firm feels just like the other two mattresses. Mausund does not come in a box, and it does not come with free shipping, which is something that should be considered when opting for this particular model, which weighs around 103 pounds. IKEA recommends using it with slats, but any other base will work well too.

When it comes to sleep positions, it is universal for all, perhaps some lightweight side sleepers may find it a bit firm, but that is not a rule. On the other hand, regardless of their preferred sleep position, sleepers who are overweight could experience some sagging and indentations sooner than expected because this mattress is not thick enough to bear their weight properly.

Overall, this is their best latex model which provides enough support for pressure points, contouring to the body curves, and comfort for a night of good sleep; it does not feel as firm as the other two models at first, thanks to the cotton and wool padding which gives the surface a softer feel.

Great for:

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  • Sleepers who are prone to allergies
  • Value seekers
  • Sleepers who tend to overheat while sleeping

Not the best for:

  • Heavier sleepers
  • People who are looking for 100% natural mattress
  • Average IKEA shoppers might find it too expensive

Comparing Dimensions

Since mattress shoppers are not IKEA’s only and primarily target group of customers, it seems reasonable that the company is not producing their beds in all possible standard and non-standard mattress sizes. They try to go with the most common sizes, but they are not always consistent because some lines have beds available in two sizes, and others in three or four. Let’s see what they offer when it comes to their range of latex models.

Queen Queen Queen

As seen in the chart, only Myrbacka lacks one size, while the other two beds come in the same four sizes. Below we are going to represent their precise measures in inches and centimeters.

Twin38 ¼” / 97 cm74 ⅜” / 189 cm
Full53 ⅛” / 135 cm74 ⅜” / 189 cm
Queen59 ⅞” / 152 cm79 ½” / 202 cm
King76” / 193 cm79 ½” / 202 cm

Since the thickness of mattresses varies from one model to another, we decided to represent it in a small chart briefly.

Model (all sizes)Thickness
Matrand7 ⅛” / 18 cm
Myrbacka9 ½” / 24 cm
Mausund7 ⅞” / 20 cm

Comparing Prices

IKEA is not only producing mattresses, and they are not competing with the other mattress manufacturers, they are more in the league of their own, creating beds with decent quality to suit the needs of their loyal customers. Hence, their models have a lower price when compared to the other brands that specialize in bedding. IKEA’s beds are not bad, or low quality, but they do have a more simple structure. The used materials are not the best ones out there, so they tried to cut the costs here and there to produce the best possible mattress and put an affordable price tag on it. Here are the current prices for all sizes of their available latex beds.


Why Choosing a Latex Mattress?

If you are new to the mattress market and have not bought a new mattress for years, you might be overwhelmed with all types of different materials and constructions that are currently available. Hybrid, innerspring, memory foam, cooling foam, polyfoam, latex foam, gel, and many more materials and blends are out there on the market, so how to know which one is the best? Recently latex beds have become pretty popular; hence a significantly higher price, so let’s see why is that so.

Natural latex comes from the sap of the rubber tree, and it has antimicrobial features, which is very beneficial for all sleepers who suffer from allergies or have sensitive skin. With synthetic latex, things are slightly different, since it is man-made, they have to use chemicals, which is why it is not recommended to people with allergies. It will feel very similar to the mattress made of natural latex, but it would not be as durable or resilient as the beds from naturally derived latex. Many mattresses offer a blend of natural and synthetic latex, but not all of them are willing to say it clearly, so carefully read everything while shopping.

As a material, latex is usually compared to the well-known memory foam, but it provides better support, doesn’t conduct heat, and it is more comfortable. Here are some of the main pros of a latex model:

  • Latex beds are among the most durable models on the market which is why many sleepers do not hesitate to invest in them.
  • The natural resilience of this material provides excellent motion isolation, perfect for couples or pet owners who share the bed with their pets.
  • It is more breathable than the foam thanks to its open-cell structure, which means that there will be no issues with heat and moisture during the night.
  • Natural latex is allergen-free since many allergies are triggered or caused by the dust mites or mold in bed, this is an ideal option for all sleepers who are taking care of their health since latex is naturally resistant to all of them.
  • It promotes proper spine alignment. Heavier parts of our body such as hips and shoulders will sink in just a bit while lighter parts will be well supported and keep the spine properly aligned.
  • It is excellent for relieving pressure, and great for sleepers who suffer from back or joint pain because latex conforms closely and cushions our body curves.
  • It is incredibly comfortable. If you like the comfort of memory foam, latex is something even better and more comfortable.

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